Tips For Women Entrepreneurs Married To Entrepreneurs

Learn from each other’s successes and failures.
Entrepreneurs grow by learning with each accomplishment and set-back. The beauty of being married to an entrepreneur when you yourself are an entrepreneur is that you can avoid failures and accelerate successes by observing your partner.

Take Turns.
When you are both risk takers, especially when little ones are involved, the stakes are high. Sometimes it means you can’t always put your business first. My husband and I often took turns. I switched careers and moved to Colorado as it was the right foundation for his start-up. Later Jeremy took over the financial wheel as I finished an MBA in San Francisco (while living in Denver) and developed my company. Sacrifices and encouragement made us a team in life.

When Working Together …

Define your roles.
Disagreement means different views, which can mean more ideas, improvement and growth. However, working together means more decisions and potentially more disagreements, which does not always leads to the positive. What we found helpful is to honor each other’s strengths and to define our roles within the business. By trusting each other to make the right decisions in areas where we individually thrive (if by education intuition, or simply because we enjoy them) we have been able to minimize work related conflict.

Eat dinner and dream.
As an entrepreneur it is impossible not to bring work home with you. Be sure however to have that dinner that you talk personal dreams, life, family, and not just what’s on your plate the next day. Don’t get me wrong my husband and I talk business almost every night, but we make sure to remind ourselves how our ventures are going to help us achieve our personal dreams; for example, how creating a platform to work remotely will allow us to live anywhere in the world and eat dinner at that villa we dream to build in Italy.

What it comes down to, for me, for us.
Being an entrepreneur is hard. Now multiply that by two. But its an adventure, as life should be. The beauty of marriage is that you have that one person by your side witness your life. Having that person witness your professional venture adds another level of intimacy and color to your partnership.



About the author: Zofia Wosinska – CEO and Co-Founder, ÉSTAINE


Dr. Zofia Wosinska, CEO and Founder of ÉSTAINE – a luxury fashion company that strives to spark conversations that lead to early caner detection – is a Polish-born chemist that has spent much of her career in cancer research and at Roche developing dye-based solutions used in medical diagnosis. Her early work looked at the roles patients’ mental wellbeing and social support play in the physical battle against breast cancer. Wosinska has an MBA in Finance from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania and PhD in Biochemistry.

About Zofia’s Spouse, Jerermy Picker – CEO and Founder, & DENV3R.CO; Co-Founder ÉSTAINE

Jeremy Picker, CEO and Founder of AM3R.con and DENV3R.CO, is a veteran in the fashion industry and is passionate about using fashion to do good. He helps clients in the social impact sector to use apparel as a means to raise funds and awareness. Prior to launching his own company, Jeremy toured for 10 years managing music merchandise for major label bands. He is a cancer survivor and co-founder of ÉSTAINE.

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