Salwa Owens

Life is busy. We are constantly trying to do more, be better, and grow. Sometimes that desire comes from within, others it comes from pressures of the outside world. In the process of trying to be better and grow however, we can easily deplete our energy sources by trying to fill a glass that will never feel full. What if we approached this goal of self-growth and empowerment from an editing point of view. What if we looked at our life and everything that fills it from our jobs, family life, social media noise, friends, health, etc. and edited out what doesn’t serve us, leaving more energy for what truly matters.

That is the vision behind The SO Edit.

While going through my own self reflection phase, I decided I wanted to create The SO Edit around one of my life mantras, “If it doesn’t inspire, uplift, or support me, I need to let it go.”

The SO Edit is here today to do just that, “Inspire, Uplift, And Support.”

I hope to grow and nurture an online platform that will help empower women in all areas of their lives that play a role in their overall well being.

The SO Edit, created by Salwa Owens to inspire, uplift, and support women in all aspects of their lives.


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