Stop the Hustle and Re-energize

Does anyone else feel like the weight of the entire year comes crashing down on you during the holiday season?

All year, we push towards goals. We work towards better health, stronger and leaner bodies, more abundance, more time or a better career. Now that we approach the end of the year, the urgency to reach those goals comes rushing in.
When we add in the hustle of the holidays (family in and out of town, traditions, shopping), the pressure increases. Now, more than ever, is the time to take a short time-out to re-energize and create a moment for yourself for even a short amount of time.
I am not a yoga instructor, but I do believe that there are many benefits to the yoga practice. Better yet, I am a strong believer in small moments to take a time-out and stop the hustle.
Below is what I do to help re-energize (usually in the morning, but I have been known to do it in my office as well) and uplift my mood when I get a little overwhelmed. It takes 5 minutes, takes minimal skill, and the movements have been known to help gain energy and release tension.

  • Child Pose

Starting in a pose that forces you to relax for a moment and just breathe. Hold this for 1 minute


  • Cat and Cow
    On your hands and knees, arch and round the back with each breath slowly. Do this 10 times changing poses at each inhale and exhale.


  • Downward Dog, Vinyasa to Upward Dog
    Doing this 10 times, changing pose for each breath.


  • Sit Cross Legged with your Eyes Closed
    Take this moment to reflect on the positives of the year- what success did you achieve? What steps did you take to get you closer to your goals? What made you happy? This alone will change your thinking for the day.


The moral of the story is that being fit is not just about what your body looks like; it’s comprised of feeling radiant and energized, being confident in your skin and maintaining your good health. This takes a positive mindset and positive energy (a fit mind). Taking a few minutes a day to do this will make not only your holiday season more enjoyable, but really any day better.

Elyssa Freund

Fitness has become an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to meet likeminded people. In other words, I am a mud run and dancing junkie. As a busy mom, military wife and holding a career of my own, I understand busy and “not having time”. In 2013, I changed my nutritional habits, committed to workouts that fit my schedule and interests, and worked on my mindset. I now hold a local meetup group for fitness boot camps and am working on my certification for personal training and group fitness. Watching people get out of their comfort zone, push harder and become the best versions of themselves is truly my passion.

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