New Year, New You?

If you follow on Facebook, you might have caught the quick intro video Salwa and I shared covering our “Five DON’TS to Setting Successful New Year’s Resolutions.” If you missed it, here it is on You Tube:


Now that we’ve covered the don’ts, lets move on to the do’s and get this year off to a successful fitness start!

It’s so common at the beginning of a new year to get hyped up on it being another New Year and a clean slate. January 1st we were all excited to jump in full force into a new fitness and/or nutrition regimen! Did you know that statistically by February, many have already given up their goals? It may be because we are always trying to start the New Year as a New Us. Don’t get me wrong, in many ways it can be a clean slate and is a time to redefine your best self, but I do mean the best version of you, not necessarily a new you. What we want to avoid, is being one of the many people that buy a gym membership or home gym in January, only to be burned out with another regimen that was costly and unsuccessful because your thought was to commit yourself to working out every day for the next year and look like the next Victoria Secret model or Jillian Michaels.

That doesn’t mean don’t set goals, especially ones that scare you, but being realistic about setting the goals in your life and the transition to them can be incredibly important for you to be successful.

Here are a few tips to transitioning:


1)      Change a few habits in a tiered fashion 

Don’t commit to changing everything you eat and going to the gym 5x a week if you go 0 times now and your stove hasn’t been turned on in 3 months. That is not the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle habit. Get the gym membership. Commit to a day or two that work for you and will help you reach your goals. Make them non-negotiable. If going to the gym is not feasible- some weights and YouTube can still be an incredible start! If your goal is to eat healthier start by prepping your snacks and lunch for work. Introducing a few more habits a month will make it an easier transition than trying to do it all at once.


2)      Be careful of the rewards you are choosing

It’s important to reward yourself for making progress but just because you made it through your first spin class, does not warrant a cheeseburger and some biggie fries. It’s so easy to fall into this trap of thinking a few drinks or an unhealthy meal is warranted after the work you’ve done, but all it does is delay progress. Find an alternative. Go to the gym for a week-reward yourself with a new sports bra or workout shoes. Something that will continue to enhance your experience in your new healthy habit.


3)      Detach the goal from the journey

For instance, if you want to lose 30 lbs that is a great goal; just don’t overwhelm yourself with that result and experience inaction. Choose some smaller goals within the goal that pertain to the journey. What can you do that will make you one step closer?


4)      Try things out before making a large investment

I had a friend who bought a weight bench and it sat in the basement as a perfect hanging mechanism for laundry…oh wait, that friend was me. At that time I wasn’t ready for it, and neither was my husband. I think it sat for 3 years before I did anything with it. Try things out, take gyms up on free trials to see if you like stationary bikes vs. treadmills vs. group classes.


5) The gym is no good without proper nutrition

Always remember that nutrition makes up 80% of your success. 20% is your workout. Making changes in both areas will help you immensely in meeting your goals.

So even if you haven’t stuck with your New Year, New You resolution- It’s never too late to fix your ponytail and try again. Just remember this time- you are already a badass. Just take your badass to the next level.

Elyssa Freund

Fitness has become an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to meet likeminded people. In other words, I am a mud run and dancing junkie. As a busy mom, military wife and holding a career of my own, I understand busy and “not having time”. In 2013, I changed my nutritional habits, committed to workouts that fit my schedule and interests, and worked on my mindset. I now hold a local meetup group for fitness boot camps and am working on my certification for personal training and group fitness. Watching people get out of their comfort zone, push harder and become the best versions of themselves is truly my passion.

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