My Top 5 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts For Women

They say fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. With a few simple guidelines on what to do with it, I feel that most women can find themselves in a peaceful relationship with fashion. To start with the basics, here are my top five fashion do’s and dont’s for women.

DO’s –

1-   Wear clothes that FIT well. Numbers don’t matter. You might be able to squeeze yourself in a size zero but you will end up looking like a size six if it’s not the correct size for you. Don’t worry about the number, worry about how you look and feel in the garment. There are so many different size scales in the fashion industry, that a size four in one store might be a size 2 in another. Do yourself justice and buy the correct size!

2-   REVAMP your style with each season change. Women have a tendency to get stuck in their comfort zone but you might be cheating yourself of something bigger and better. Use the turn of the season as an opportunity to try new things, add new colors, and experiment with new silhouettes. The worst that can happen is that you learn what doesn’t work for you and put it to rest, but you give yourself the opportunity to expand your fashion repertoire when you try new things!

3-   CLEANSE your closet at least once a year. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, and when you see it don’t have any warm fuzzy feelings inside, toss it. Don’t think of it as “what do I hate so much that I want to get rid of it.”  Instead, look at it as, “What do I love but no longer suits me, but might benefit someone else?” Keep that energy flowing and out with the old, in with the new.

4-   Wear the RIGHT UNDERGARMENTS. Nothing cheapens a look like bra straps and panty lines. They sell so many innovative bras and minimal panties now days that there’s really no excuse for it. If you get the under layer of your look right, you have already set the foundation to look like million bucks and can build on from there.

5-   Invest in your STAPLES.  There are key pieces that you should be in your closet and you should own in good quality such as a little black dress or a nice fitting white button down. I will write more on what your key staples should be in a separate pieces, however if you know what your go to pieces are, make sure they are properly represented in your closet.


1-   Don’t DRESS DOWN for people. It’s tempting to dress to accommodate the people you know you will be meeting, however if that means dressing yourself down, you are cheating yourself of the opportunity to look your best. Do you, and you might actually inspire others to dress better, rather than the other way around.

2-   NOT EVERY TREND IS FOR YOU. This is a tough one to come to terms with sometimes. We see it online or in the magazines and it just looks so cool! But, just because Kim Kardashian is wearing it, maybe Taylor Swift looks flawless in it on Instagram, doesn’t mean you will too. Not every trend will suit everybody. Find the ones that work for you and rock them, while letting others come and go.

3-   Don’t leave the house dressed in a way where your biggest goal for the day is to NOT run into someone you know. If you’re dressed in a way that will require a 30 minute explanation if you see your girlfriend out and about, then you should change. Why? Because whatever your vibe, you can wear it in a way that you can embrace it and really own it. If you’re feeling sporty, go out as sporty spice, If you’re feeling scary, go out as scary spice, whatever your mood, at the end of the day, go out there and own it like a rock star. At the end of the day, we’re all spice girls! Go out and own your spice.

4-   Don’t let your husband or significant other tell you how to dress. Yes they love you. Yes they appreciate you looking a certain way. Your fashion however, is your self- expression, not theirs. You have to do you. If they truly love you, they will understand and encourage that.

5-   Don’t write off a phase of your life as not having time for fashion. Fashion is a language. It’s the language you use to express your personal style. You can’t write it off because you just had a baby, or because you want to lose 10 lbs., or are on a tight budget. The message that sends to your self-conscious is that you are not worthy of fashion, and you are indirectly holding yourself back. You owe it to yourself to care about the way you put yourself together and present yourself to the world in a way that say, I am here and I am more than worthy. It will translate into all areas of your life and you will feel more confident in all you do.

Salwa Owens

Founder and Editor in Chief

Salwa Owens is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The SO Edit. Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Owens is recognized in Denver as 5280 Magazine’s Choice for 2016 Top Fashion Designer and has recently been featured in British VOGUE. With the mission statement of empowering women through the joy of fashion as a leading force, Owens launched The SO Edit to further empower women by enhancing their lives in areas beyond just fashion. To learn more about Salwa Owens and her fashion label, please visit

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