How to conquer your fears for good


Most of us want something different.   We can’t help but think about how green that grass is on the other side.  We all want change but at the same time, change scares us more than anything!

When we start to seek the opportunity of change, what tends to happen?  We let fear, anxiety, and worry sneak in.  This is known as the phrase we all know a little too well, “What about those what-if’s!”

Often, when we take the time to really understand and look at those what-if’s, we can see right through them and know they are based upon fear.

What happens when we lose sight of our priorities and let this fear in?

Unwanted emotions creep in!  Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Confusion….

Now, who is in the driver’s seat?

Without realizing it, these emotions take over and we then lose clarity.  We no longer see clearly as those “what-if” thoughts are now controlling our actions or decisions.

Ever thought of it like that?

Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Confusion…..they are not welcome here!

In order to dismiss these unwanted emotions that are fear-based, you have to choose faith over fear.


By having confidence in God’s promises. God calls us to trust Him in everything.  Simply put, call upon His name and He will answer.

When we look at James 33:3 (KJV), “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which though knowsest not.”  When you turn your focus toward God instead of on the emotions or problems, beautiful things begin to happen.  You are no longer holding onto the fear but have let go to completely let God move.

The main reason we all fear is because we’re afraid of the unknowns.  We’re afraid of what might happen if we go this way, or that way, or make the wrong decision.  We tend to think the worse case scenario, could happen.  By way of default, we all too often let our emotions guide our decisions, like “My gut tells me!” But emotions will mislead us.  Until you get in the Word and seek God for His truth and His answer for your situation, you’ll continue to feel the effects of fear.

Think about a time when you did something you never thought you would or could do.  Maybe you tried a certain cuisine you were afraid to try, said yes to a blind date, or did something bold and daring such as skydiving.  Right before this, what happened?  Sure enough you experienced all of the what-if scary thoughts, butterflies in your belly, doubt or even cold-feet snuck in.  Well, now looking back, taking that leap of faith led you to an experience that likely turned out very positive.  “Ahh, if only I did that sooner!”

Faith is the key to success in life.

When you operate in a state of faith, the world looks brighter. Your troubles are less scary.  Your priorities become your values and are clearly defined.  God gives you the personal confidence you need and you’ll know where He is leading you.

I’ve personally seen the amazing hand of God in my life when I let go of the fears and replaced them with nothing but faith.  Faith knowing that He could and that He would indeed turn what I see as impossible into something only He can do.  He did!  He moved things in place, orchestrated events that lined up perfectly with each other, and for two weeks straight, I was amazed at all the things He was doing day after day.  I kept a journal that I reflect back on and get teary-eyed just being in awe of His grace, all for His glory.  I realized I had been trying to control everything I could to change my situation, which only made things worse.  Almost like a spiral where the tighter my grip, the worse it got.  I finally let go and walked purely in faith and He took care of me!  When you fully operate in His will, it’s not about you.  It becomes about being the person He created you to be.  So allow Him to show you the way.  Don’t get caught up in the fears that could happen.  God requires faith the size of a mustard seed.  If you haven’t seen a mustard seed before, just look at the tip of your pen.  Faith that small can move mountains!

We can’t even begin to imagine what amazing things God will do when we start to operate by faith in and through Him.  By staying trapped in the fear mindset, it’s easy to miss God’s direction.  The simplest thing we can do is trust Him at His word.

Start choosing faith in all things and let God do the rest.  It’s time to find hope in the midst of your trial, exchange for peace, and let go to the one who is holding your hand.

He’ll show you your priorities in His order and say goodbye to fear for good!

What thing should you be praying about instead of fearing about?

Kelli Michele

Faith & Wellness Contributor

Kelli Michele is the Founder of Living Faith First. She is a Christian Wellness Educator and works with women to pursue God and body wholeness. Her faith-based programs are designed to help women find balance in the midst of "life" and focuses on the importance of mind (positivity), body (core-health), and soul (faith), His Way. Through a combination of mindset, brain health, proper nutrition principles, digestive health, and most importantly, Spiritual health, she offers personal coaching or self-paced programs. Visit to receive her free 3 Secrets to Finding Overall Balance guide.

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