Get Your Sexy Back – Triceps Edition

Get Your Sexy Back- Triceps Edition by Elyssa Freund & Salwa Owens.

I hope you all enjoyed the glute segment of “Get Your Sexy Back”!

To recap, in case you are new to the blog, we introducted a segment that is targeting all of the back side muscles; lower and upper body! If you haven’t checked out the post dedicated to the glutes, I suggest you do! This week we are moving on to our favorite triceps workout.

The triceps are often left out of many women’s workout, but they need some love too!

Intro to Triceps Video:


Tricep Overhead Extensions

The first move, the Triceps Extension, will allow you to utilize range of motion, reps and isolation of the muscle to get a great workout.

First, grab a dumbbell. You don’t need a lot of weight to see results. You can get this in the reps. If you are just starting out, try 5 lbs. You can always increase your weight as you get comfortable with the moves.

The first 10-12 reps will be full overhead extensions; fully extending the arms above the head and bending them fully back behind your head. The key to the form here is to always hold the core tight and keep the elbows close to the ears. Try to keep your elbows from moving back and forth.

The second 10-12 reps are small pulses halfway behind the head; still remembering to keep the elbows close to the ears. This is a great way to isolate the muscles and keep them engaged throughout the entire set

The third 10-12 reps require you to extend only halfway, and bring all the way back behind the head. Below is a great demonstration on how to do these extensions.

Tricep Overhead Extensions Demo Video :

Tricep Dips

Next in line is the tricep dip. This is a favorite of mine because you can literally do it anywhere. I do this in the gym, at my house using a chair, in my hotel room, on a park bench.

You have two options when doing this. You can bend your legs or you can leave them straight. Make sure that you are backed up close to the chair and focus on not letting anything else move except for your arms bending. Try this 15-20 times.

Below is a quick demonstration of both of the options.

Tricep Dips Demo Video:


Total Set

Now that you have all of the moves and individual reps, let’s put it all together.

Complete each of the Triceps Overhead Extension Moves, 30 second rest after the full set of the three exercises. Complete one set of the Triceps Dips and take a 30 second rest. Repeat the entire set 3 times.

Your triceps will be on fire after this! Now get out there and work those sexy arms!

Next up…hamstrings!

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Elyssa Freund

Fitness has become an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to meet likeminded people. In other words, I am a mud run and dancing junkie. As a busy mom, military wife and holding a career of my own, I understand busy and “not having time”. In 2013, I changed my nutritional habits, committed to workouts that fit my schedule and interests, and worked on my mindset. I now hold a local meetup group for fitness boot camps and am working on my certification for personal training and group fitness. Watching people get out of their comfort zone, push harder and become the best versions of themselves is truly my passion.

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