Get Your Sexy Back – Hamstrings Edition

Hello friends!

I hope you’ve been following our “Get Your Sexy Back” fitness series and working on all of those back side muscles with us! So far we have covered glutes and triceps. Today we are covering hamstrings. I wanted to showcase my favorite hamstring move, which is one we do in barre class and I see the fastest results from.

Pointers to keep in mind:

  • Keep your tailbone close to the wall (6 inches is good).
  • Have a sturdy surface prop the stabilizing foot on ..unless you own your own barre;)
  • Keep your pelvis tucked in to your belly button.
  • Lift the leg straight up, keeping the angle as parallel to the wall as possible.

Watch our demo video with barre instructor Jen Donahue, and do these at home! You will feel the burn!

Stay tuned for the next post from this serious, covering shoulders and back!


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Salwa Owens

Founder and Editor in Chief

Salwa Owens is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The SO Edit. Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Owens is recognized in Denver as 5280 Magazine’s Choice for 2016 Top Fashion Designer and has recently been featured in British VOGUE. With the mission statement of empowering women through the joy of fashion as a leading force, Owens launched The SO Edit to further empower women by enhancing their lives in areas beyond just fashion. To learn more about Salwa Owens and her fashion label, please visit

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