Get Your Sexy Back – Glutes Edition!

Left to right: Salwa Owens, Elyssa Freund.

If you follow on Facebook or Instagram, you probably already heard us intro this new segment, “Get Your Sexy Back” where we plan to target muscles all along the back side, from upper to lower body. We also shared our fitness testimonials (Salwa’s, Elyssa’s ) because it’s an important part of why we are passionate about helping women with their fitness journeys.

If you’re just now joining in, welcome and thanks for following! Lets get going with our glutes!

It’s almost the end of February, which means that Spring break is right around the corner. This also means that it is only about 16 weeks from summer! Time to get into gear and start working on those backside muscles!

This week we start with the glutes. We brought in our favorite Barre instructor, Jen Donahue, because Barre is amazing for the glutes, and she is an amazingly fun and talented Barre instructor.  Jen has been a fitness Instructor for 30 years with experience in multiple types of training. She has the innate ability to encourage and teach to people of all levels of fitness and from all walks of life.


We demonstrated two of the best exercises for the glutes.

1)      Squats

According to Jen, squats hit the glutes better than any other exercise out there. Not just squats, but deep squats. The ability to use a stability bar allows you to go deeper into that squat vs. having to worry about balance.

Although we demonstrated this at the bar, a bathroom sink or banister would be another good option to give you the ability to go low into that squat and get the most from the glutes. Just make sure that what you are using is stable and can hold your weight without moving.

If you don’t do squats normally try three sets of ten. If you do squats you can do four or five sets of ten.

2)      Leg Lifts

 This move is perfect as you change the range of movement and isolate the glutes. Start with your body in a 90 degree angle from the stationary item you are holding onto. Your arms need to be stretched out, elongating the back and spine.  Make sure that your spine is in full alignments with your head tucked in between your arms looking down at the floor.


Try these two rotations:

Lift the leg up slowly, squeezing the glutes at the top. Do 4 counts up and four counts down. Repeat this 8-12 times.

Lift the leg and make sure your hips are square to the ground. Pulse the leg at the top for a count of 16 then release.

You can go through this rotation a 3-4 times.

Next up….triceps- so stay tuned!

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More about Jen Donahue. 

I taught my first Aerobics Class as a senior in High School in 1987.  I taught classes through my four years at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and continued to teach after college at several local gyms and Health Clubs.  I taught consistently until 2002, at which time I took 10 years off, raised three remarkably amazing boys, and re-entered the field with a new excitement and passion for the industry in 2012! I think beyond my fitness knowledge, my greatest gift as an instructor is my ability to encourage and teach to people of all levels of fitness, from all walks of life.

Elyssa Freund

Fitness has become an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to meet likeminded people. In other words, I am a mud run and dancing junkie. As a busy mom, military wife and holding a career of my own, I understand busy and “not having time”. In 2013, I changed my nutritional habits, committed to workouts that fit my schedule and interests, and worked on my mindset. I now hold a local meetup group for fitness boot camps and am working on my certification for personal training and group fitness. Watching people get out of their comfort zone, push harder and become the best versions of themselves is truly my passion.

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