Get Your Skin Glow On

Healthy radiant skin is one of the most luxurious things you can wear. Here are three easy to follow guidelines to having that healthy foundation on a daily basis. 

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Exfoliate and Moisturize

The Fall season is upon us, and with cold weather comes dryer skin. Our skin needs a little extra love, and time to properly absorb moisturizing products into the skin. During the AM hours it’s always recommend cleansing, and moisturizing the skin, however during the PM is when skin reaps the benefits of repairing itself. At night, use a gentle exfoliator (see recommend products below, or use your personal favorite skincare.) then apply a healthy amount of moisturizer right before bed. Your skin will have a beautiful glow, not to mention feel great! Say goodbye to dry, dull skin!

Choose a Lightweight Liquid Foundation
Give your skin a chance to breath this season. Switch over to lightweight liquid foundation, such a tinted moisturizer, and BB or CC cream. I know what you’re thinking “Sheer?! I can’t!” You totally can! Use a full coverage liquid or cream based concealer in problem areas, buffed out with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Beautiful clean skin is in! It will give you a luminous natural look that your friends and family will love. Dropping the powder will help prevent your skin from looking dry, flakey, and reducing the appearance of texture in the skin.


Add a bit of Vibrancy with moisturizing lip color!
This Fall there’s no need for you to pack on the makeup; your look will be enhanced with mascara, lipstick, and blush. As your summer tan fades, it’s crucial to add pops of pigment back into our look, for vibrancy. You already achieved healthy and hydrated skin, so sticking with rich and creamy based products will help keep the overall look cohesive. Tinted lip balms, lip-gloss, will give a lovely sheen while keeping lips from being overly dehydrated. Not a soft lip kind of gal? That’s okay! Keep lips prepped for Matte colors with a sugar lip scrub, and Chap stick nightly. Or try one of my personal favorite lipstick prep products for winter, the Bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic kit. I promise your dry lips will thank you.


Alicia Calton

Photographer & Beauty Contributor

Alicia Calton is a photographer and makeup artist, with a passion for making women feel beautiful. She's worked as a photographer for over eight years, focusing on portraiture, fashion, and commercial work. After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University with her Bachelors in Fine Art, she decidedshe wanted to take on a new medium as well, makeup artistry. After working in the industry for five years, Alicia loves to not only enhance natural beauty, but to create glamorous looks that make women feel empowered.

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