Salon Owner Shares Tips To Making Your Blowout Last

As the owner of a beauty salon, I often get asked, “what is a blow out?” At Glamour Bar, we like to definite it as the full experience of escaping from your responsibilities for an hour, enjoying a glass of champagne, and having someone else take care of the tedious task of washing, blow drying, and styling your hair. Not only does a blow out provide you the benefit of a little “me time”, it will also give you that fabulous feeling of leaving the salon with bouncy curls and voluminous hair.

Now how do we get as much bang for the buck and make that blow out last? I have some tips and tricks from the glam squad!

The honest truth
Make sure to have an open and honest consultation with your stylist. At Glamour Bar we feel the consultation process is the most important step in providing you with the VIP experience and making sure you get the best service there is to offer. Be honest with how long you go between washes (even if you think it’s cringe worthy…My record 7 days). We will then be sure to shampoo and condition you with the best product for your hair and customize styling products to make your style last. One of my favorite products is Unite Blow and Set which has heat memory so it makes refreshing your look even easier for you.

Beauty sleep
During your much needed beauty sleep pull your hair into a loose top knot with a non-elastic ponytail holder (we love the invisi bobbles a modern day scrunchie). If you have shorter hair wrap a silk scarf around your head or use a silk pillowcase to avoid flattening or tangling your locks.

Cheating on your shampoo and conditioner
Use a dry shampoo between your blow outs to absorb oils and add texture to your hair. We love the Unite refresher because it has hydrating properties which is great for Colorado and unique to other dry shampoos that many find too drying.

Hands off
I know it’s hard to keep your hands out of those luxurious locks but the less you run your fingers through your hair the more your blowout will be maintained.

The finale
Finish off the final day of your blowout with a fierce top knot, braid, or high ponytail. Pulling your hair away from your face will allow for less touching which will help keep your locks fresh longer.

With all of the hustle and bustle that we women do it is important to always take care of ourselves. Take time to pamper yourself and remember life might not always be glamorous, but you should always feel glamorous.

The Glam Squad


About The Author:  Lyndsay Wilson, Owner of Glamour Bar Denver

lyndsay Lyndsay Wilson’s entire life has been focused on beauty education    and training. She is passionate about helping others feel their best inside and out. While obtaining her associate’s degree, she discovered her love of the industry and earned a cosmetology license. After enjoying her time as a hairstylist, she wanted to explore other aspects of the industry. Through her training with Nordstrom, Stila and Chanel as a product representative, she not only learned about cosmetics but about excellent customer service. Most recently she was the manager of a prominent Colorado plastic surgery center and gained expertise on the medical side of beauty. Lyndsay has fulfilled her dream of combining this knowledge and care into an ultimate house of beauty.

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