Chic LBD Style For Cool Weather

I always advise women to have not one, but a few little black dresses (LBD’s) in their closet. They’re staples and often come to the rescue of the “what to wear” predicament, when you’re not sure WHAT TO WEAR. A question I get often is this: “Is a classic LBD good year round or does it vary per season?” The answer to that is not so black and white (no color pun intended here). There are fabrics and cuts that are season specific but for the most part you can style an LBD for any season.

Outfit combinations to proof this point and taking your LBD from day to night, or Spring to Fall, are endless. Since it’s December, I chose to demo my current go to “formula” for creating a winter chic LBD look (easiest formula you’ll ever read). I thought it was pretty basic but after talking to some clients, I learned it is not to all and it is worth a share! So here you go:


1- Tights (preferably add a pop of color) + tall boots + LBD + textured jacket (such as this tweed one with faux leather accents) = Winter Chic LBD look

tweed and leather accents add texture


Although the halter knit dress I’m wearing has exposed arms and shoulders, it’s made of a sweater knit, and has a high neck line, which makes it perfect for cooler weather months. The halter neckline cut is also one that can be easily dressed up for holiday parties by losing the layers and pairing it with some fierce heels and bling.

For future wardrobe goals, here’s my recommended LBD checklist for all ladies to own. There’s four main styles:

1- An LBD that is ideal for layering (such as the halter sweater knit dress I’m wearing). This is the one you will whip out and wear to meetings, and dinner outings. This is also the one you will have the most fun styling in various ways.

2- An LBD that is classic and elegant. (such as this classic little black dress) This is the one you can wear to nicer events, date nights, fancy dinners, or professional outings.

3- An LBD with intricate texture, cuts, or fabrics such as this crochet peplum dress. This is the one you will wear to outings where you want to show your stylish side, have memorable look, yet do it in a timeless color.

4- An LBD that is modern, sexy, and maybe shorter than the others such as this bijou dress. This is the one you will wear on a girls night out, date, or any event where you want to be more edgy.


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to message me with any questions or topics you’d like me to cover at However you decide to style yourself, remember to enjoy the process. You are worth it!

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Salwa Owens

Founder and Editor in Chief

Salwa Owens is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The SO Edit. Fashion designer and entrepreneur, Owens is recognized in Denver as 5280 Magazine’s Choice for 2016 Top Fashion Designer and has recently been featured in British VOGUE. With the mission statement of empowering women through the joy of fashion as a leading force, Owens launched The SO Edit to further empower women by enhancing their lives in areas beyond just fashion. To learn more about Salwa Owens and her fashion label, please visit

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