6 Tips to Setting Good Fitness Habits

We are busy people! It can be difficult to create a plan that will stick long enough to become a habit. I am sharing the 6 quick tips I use to keep myself moving and motivated to kick my fitness habits into gear. 

1) Get started NOW

So often, the thought of starting a fitness program doesn’t hit us until we are full of pumpkin pie and our pants are snug. Last year, when I really started thinking about how to stay on track through the holidays, my plan was set and implemented in October.

2) Set REAListic Expectations

If you are anything like me, I have a habit of setting aggressive goals that don’t always make sense for the time allowed so setting realistic expectations is important. For instance, this holiday season I know I am going on a cruise so I have scouted to ensure there is a gym on the boat. With that said, let’s be realistic. I didn’t choose to go on a cruise to spend my days at the gym so I have committed to the basics while I am there- pushups, squats and a 30 minute run. The pushups and squats can be done anywhere and I know I can commit to 30 minutes in the gym before we get our day started.

3) Grab an accountability partner.

Accountability partners have been a game changer for me and I have a few to say the least. I use a community of girls from my dance fitness class, my daughter and some close friends for my outdoor workouts over the weekend. While training for Tough Mudder it took all of these accountability partners to ensure, even when I didn’t want to, I worked out. It paid out huge during Tough Mudder!


4) Do workouts you enjoy/diversify.

Make sure you are doing things you like to do! For instance, I have to incorporate dancing into my workouts. I have loved hip hop, barre and Zumba classes. I also enjoy the outdoors so I make sure that as weather allows I am running outside or participating in paddleboard yoga. It does not matter if I am training for a race or not. I make sure that I am incorporating what I love. The goal is to try a few things and see what you like. This is how things stick! I use and host a meetup through Meetup.com to diversify and try new workouts.


5) Incorporate Nutrition

Don’t forget that nutrition is 80% of the battle. You simply can’t outwork a bad diet. Start a program that is convenient and conducive to your schedule. When I changed my nutrition, my energy was found again, the results came faster and I was more motivated to stick to my regimen. I choose to use a nutritional cleansing program but find what works for you!

6) Have an end goal with a reward

Make sure to have an end goal that is meaningful. Does that mean keeping 15 lbs off, does that mean making it through a really hard class at the gym, an event you are training for or fitting into your bikini for a winter vacation? It could be any of those things- just make sure it is meaningful to you! Having goals, writing them down, celebrating the milestones are all going to help you reach your goal this holiday season!



Elyssa Freund

Fitness has become an outlet for creativity, stress relief and a way to meet likeminded people. In other words, I am a mud run and dancing junkie. As a busy mom, military wife and holding a career of my own, I understand busy and “not having time”. In 2013, I changed my nutritional habits, committed to workouts that fit my schedule and interests, and worked on my mindset. I now hold a local meetup group for fitness boot camps and am working on my certification for personal training and group fitness. Watching people get out of their comfort zone, push harder and become the best versions of themselves is truly my passion.

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